About elbō

Our organization is dedicated to one primary objective: ensuring your successful Go Live experience.

Our team has seen countless instances where great project management efforts were compromised due to:

  • High turnover of inadequately trained staff
  • Companies attempting to establish their own “certification” standards, frequently resulting in ineffective training
  • Poor in-person and remote training sessions that add little value to eLearning

We’ve recognized the potential of excellent tools like properly prioritized and monitored remote eLearning, dedicated specialists, and Mock Go Lives. We’re committed to providing you with hands-on, industry-experienced professionals who specialize in your specific system and key roles, ensuring your success from day one.

Our Experience

elbō has over a decade of Go Live experience from both the vendor perspective and the practice perspective. Throughout this decade plus, elbō has seen insanity in action. Vendors continue to apply the same methods to Go Live Support regardless of the consistent poor feedback and turnover of their Go Live staff. Vendors continue applying the same hiring profile for their “trainers” followed by the same “certification” process, and they expect different results. elbō is breaking that chain. elbō is combining their experience in the practice as well as supporting Go Lives, and presenting physician practices with a Go Live Support model that puts the practice needs first, as opposed to being a footnote in the larger relationship with the vendor.

elbō is solely focused on the Go Live. elbō does have experience in project management, consulting, managing practices, and many more critical areas to success in healthcare. However, elbō believes a successful Go Live is critical to long term success, and somehow the value of knowledgeable Go Live Support is being overlooked. As a result, elbō is solely focused on providing Go Live Specialists that walk in the shoes of your staff on a daily basis.