Go-Live Specialists

Use your knowledge, skills and expertise to help others.

Find work tailored to your expertise and work on your own terms.

elbō’s model is a true side hustle opportunity that you control. You keep your current job(s) and we present you with short term opportunities. If you like the opportunities presented, they fit your schedule, and you would like the additional income, elbō will slot you in!

The Benefits of Becoming a Specialist

You Have the Knowledge

You have the freedom to specify the systems in which you excel, and Elbō will match you with a group going live on a system you’ve mastered.

Your Experience is Valuable

Your extensive experience in tasks like registration, scheduling, order processing, and data reconciliation is in high demand when new users launch.

You Can Relate

Elbō will place you “side by side” with these newcomers, allowing you to share your expertise and help them get up to speed in real time.

Whether you're eager to travel and embark on adventures or prefer to stay in your city, elbō will connect you with suitable opportunities that align with your preferences.

Interested in taking the next steps towards becoming a Specialist?

This form will provide us with background information on your interests. It will be used to identify potential projects for you, and once potential projects align with your availability and interests, we will reach out to you directly to see if you are interested in engaging.


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