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Prevent patient dissatisfaction and staff burnout. Get help from our system specialists.

Our Commitment to On-Site Support

We provide elbow-to-elbow support from individuals who have hands-on experience with the same system and tasks. We do not send mere “trainers”; we send experts who perform the work daily and are eager to demonstrate it to your staff.

elbō Understands the Benefits and Risks of a Successful Go Live

Setting the Standard for a Success Launch

We understand the initial days on your new system are pivotal. They impact not just productivity but also the overall atmosphere in your office.

Understanding Staff Anxiety

Staff anxiety can manifest as cautious, slower work or rushed work with mistakes. We take extra steps to aid in both scenarios and create an ideal work environment.

Mitigating Risks with On-Site Support

Our experienced leaders provide side by side support with your staff to prevent issues that could otherwise persist for months or even years after the Go-Live stage.

Addressing Inefficiencies

Inefficiencies will arise during the Go Live transition but can be managed by experts familiar with the system working closely with your staff.

Reevaluating Your Staffing Model

We can supplement the support you are getting from your vendor partner to avoid patients getting frustrated and staff feeling under supported.

Anticipating Scenarios

We’ll test various failure scenarios to ensure your team is prepared and supported no matter the situation.

Get the support your team needs to be successful.

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